Clarissa Iskandar



SP 2018

Re-i is a mini-collection of sculptural fashion that portrays modern day past. It explores the relationship between reality and fantasy, as well as the architectural aspect of garments. Drawing inspiration from Gothic architecture, the collection emphasizes bold triangular shapes that create walls around the body. Each garment acts as its own individual character within the theme of redemption and celebration of femininity. By using 100% found materials such as zipped bags, paper clips, staples, flooring and donated fabrics; the collection redefines the purpose of materials and the “high-end” concept of fashion.

Techniques: hand-crochet, pattern making, garment construction, material exploration

IMG_0703 copy.jpg

Stripped Dress ( woven cotton + metallic, nylon)


White Crop Top (cotton)

Diamond Pants (woven cotton curtain fabric, nylon)

Neck Piece ( paper clips, hand-twisted staples, crochet yarn)


White Pants (crepe)

Body Piece (clear vinyl zipped bags, bread)

White Stretch Crop Top (crepe)


Silver Grey Dress (nylon lycra, woven cotton + metallic, flooring vinyl)


Asymmetrical Dress Silver (nylon, woven cotton + metallic)


Photo by Clarissa Iskandar

**All materials are found and identified through burn test and materials knowledge of the artist

This collection was shown as a part of MEZZO: an Experimental Fashion Event associated with MICA,  along with the collection: Moremo as transitional pieces.