Clarissa Iskandar is a Maryland based artist who identifies with Indonesian, Chinese, and American backgrounds. Currently pursuing a BFA in Fiber at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she is interested in textures, colors and patterns that exist within architectural spaces. Her passion for garment making began after she first learned how to sew a vest in the late 2016 for a class project where she experimented on kombucha textile. 



As a maker, her goal is to promote beauty and confidence in being different. She doesn't believe in "weird/strange" as a negative connotation rather something unique that should be preserved. Her design involves mixing both elements of the past and present, as well as the idea of beautiful ugly. While most people separate couture/ runway fashion with practical everyday garments, she loves incorporating the classic feminine shapes found in couture garments to create more playful, individualistic ready-to-wear look. Her research consists of traditional and modern architectures found in places where she grew up. By working intimately with her materials, she tries to understand how they will create form and volume around the body. Her finished garments come to life from mix-matching her different sketches and spontaneous draping/ on the spot pattern changing. 

 Instagram:   @atelieriskandar  (fashion)   @clarissa_iskandar  (art | process)  E-mail:  iskandarclarissa@gmail.com


@atelieriskandar (fashion)

@clarissa_iskandar (art | process)

E-mail: iskandarclarissa@gmail.com