MOREMO (SP 2018)

MOREMO is a spontaneous mixture of the late 1980's color scheme and modern loungewear. The triangular and rectangular patterns are inspired by the surface elements of Indonesian traditional architecture (Minangkabau house of West Sumatra) and Western stained-glass windows. By hand-crocheting acrylic yarns and using found fabrics as materials, the collection defines fashion in which found materials could be made beautiful.  It is a collection of ready-to-wear garments that relate to the childhood experience of drawing dolls to life.


MO1. Open Shoulder Crop Top (faux fur)

MO2. Pink & Black Hybrid Pants (black polyester, faux fur)


MO3. Pink Short Overalls (polyester faux fur)

MO4. Pink Jacket (polyester rise pattern fabric, faux fur)

MO5. Crochet Blue Bralette (cotton yarn, acrylic yarn)


MO6. Pink Crochet Crop Top (acrylic yarn, paper clips)

MO7. Fluffy Pink Mini Skirt (faux polyester fur)

  ~  Cardigan (hand-painted wee-wee pads)


MO8. Crop Top Crochet Sweater (acrylic yarn)

MO9. Darty Shorts ( nylon, cotton, polyester)


MO10. Black LineCrochet Bralette (acrylic yarn)

MO11. Hybrid Blue Pants (nylon, cotton, polyester)


MO12. Crochet Cover Up (acrylic yarn)


MO13. White Crop Top (cotton)

MO14. Coral Arm Blazers (acrylic yarn, polyester, faux leather)

MO15. Open Side Mini-Skirt (polyester, cotton, faux leather)


MO16. Pink Candy Mini Dress (faux fur polyester)

MO17. Crochet Blue Cardigan (mixed wool yarn)



**All materials are found and identified through burn test and materials knowledge of the artist


Photography by Suzanne Sferrazza, Laura Young, Clarissa Iskandar

Models: Tyler Washington, Maggie Hyde, Katherine Marrinan, Britain Corbin, Eva Massey, Anna Wang, Catalina Z,  Jordyn Greenia


More FROM the Project

MOREMO is the artist's first fashion collection executed in Spring 2018.

Along with collection: Remember Me?, they were shown in the MICA Multi-Media Fashion Event as a line that combines couture and ready-to-wear garments. 



Video from the show:

MOREMO is a spontaneous fashion collection by Clarissa Iskandar shown in the MICA Multi-Media Fashion Event 2018 (Mezzo).

Images from the show: